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Here is a quick look at some common windows. Of course there are many more, but this guide will give you an idea as to how to count panels, and also at how we might clean them.

cleaning french windows
TRUE DIVIDE WINDOW WITH 8 PANES - Also called 'French', these windows often consist of 4, 6, 8 or more small panels of glass. Cleaning the inside of these involves using smaller squeegee blades, while the outside can easily produce incredible results with Pure H2O.
cleaning double hung windows
DOUBLE OR SINGLE HUNG WINDOW WITH 2 PANES- Double hung (both sashes can move) or single hung (bottom sash or top sash only moves) are cleaned inside first as run off can slip between the panels and on to the exterior glass.
cleaning louvres
BANK OF LOUVRES WITH 7 LOUVRES - Louvres come in variations from 2 to 30 or more panels. Cleaning louvres is a slow process. Our method involves washing the external glass and frame before cleaning each panel individually and polishing dry.

Note that some older types of louvres are dangerous and for the safety of our staff may not be cleaned. This would be noted on your quote.
casement window cleaning
CASEMENT WINDOW WITH 1 PANE - Both sides of these windows can sometimes be cleaned from inside, however most of the time we clean these from outside.
fixed pane window cleaning
FIXED WINDOW WITH 1 PANE- Fixed pane windows don't open. Usually easy to clean, however the outside of these windows must be cleaned from outside, making it difficult for some without the right equipment.
cleaning sliding windows
SLIDING WINDOW WITH 2 PANES - Usually 1 panel slides while the other is fixed. In the case where a fly / security screen is present, the sliding panel is removed for cleaning.
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SLIDING WINDOWS WITH 3 PANES - Usually 1 panel is fixed in the centre and the 2 outer panels will slide.
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POOL FENCE / BALUSTRADE GLASS WITH 3 PANELS - More and more common these days, pool fence glass is hard for most people to keep clean. We regularly provide post construction cleaning for pool builders to present their clients with the best possible looking pool fence glass.
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