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Brisbane Solar Panel Cleaning

When did you last think of solar panel cleaning?

Don't leave your investment in the hands of inexperienced cleaners. Big Red are the Brisbane solar panel cleaners that won't use abrasives or squeegees on your solar panels. And if you're harvesting rain water from your roof you don't want chemical runoff in your system. Who knows what chemicals some cleaners are using? Big Red makes Pure water using a special filtration system that removes impurities from town or tank water. A sediment filter then carbon filter are used initially followed by a tank of high grade charged resin. This resin attaches to the smallest of ions leaving water so clean it dries spot free.

Our solar panel cleaners are trained to work safely at heights and carry a RIIWHS204D card at all times. This means you can check that the person cleaning your panels is certified to do the job.


Our rates start at $165.00* for up to 12 panels on a single storey building. This price includes a fee to setup temporary anchor points and safe work area. Use our Book a Job form to book a solar panel cleaning job today or request pricing on jobs over 20 panels.
*GST INC - these rates are a guide only and vary according to location, access, roof pitch, height

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Why choose Big Red for your Brisbane solar panel cleaning?

  • Pure H2O methods = No chemical runoff into tanks
  • No squeegees on solar panels
  • Certified to Work Safely at Heights - RIIWHS204D
  • $20M Public Liability (Unlimited Height)
  • Safe Work Methods (JSA/SWMS)
  • BCC Registered Water Efficient Operator
  • Easy payment methods
  • Genuine testimonials

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