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We are happy to share with our customers anything and everything about the equipment and chemicals we may use in the process of cleaning their property. We do not use everything listed here (such as chemicals) all the time, but we want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to our potential impact on the environment so have compiled this page of information. These are the products and pieces of equipment you can expect to see in use by Big Red Window Cleaning.

Water Fed Poles (WFP)

Using very strong yet light weight carbon fibre, our supplier has developed telescopic poles that can reach incredible heights while still being easy to manage from the ground. It is incredible to think how we can clean windows at 5 storeys and more all without the use of expensive boom lifts or rope systems. Of course height access equipment has it's pace, but if it can be avoided then it's safer to do so.

The sections of carbon fibre pole are approximately 1.5m long and can be used either telescopically or separate to reduce the weight for the user. From the Pure Water trolley sections of high visibility hose carry the purified water to the brush and used to help the brush agitate the dirt on the glass. Pure Water is then used to rinse the glass of the loosened dirt and dries spot free.

With various attachments such as angle adapters, gooseneck extensions and numerous brush heads we can complete almost any window cleaning and solar panel cleaning task with ease.

Pure Water

Discovered for window cleaning applications by Ionics in the UK some years ago, Pure Water is now a standard in window cleaning all over the world. Brisbane has been slow to pick up on the technology due to in part our past water restrictions. It is a misconception however that using WFP and Pure Water is wasteful. It's a very low flow process.

How does it work? When water dries on glass, you often think that it leaves behind a mark. True and not so true. The marks or spots left behind are not dried water, yet the solids that were in the water before it evaporated. It is referred to as the total dissolved solids (TDS) and these charged molecules called ions are made up of calcium, magnesium and salts. So we use a sediment filter to remove the bulk of the solids and carbon filter to remove chlorine traces before sending the water into a tank with ion exchange resin. The resin is charged such to bind with certain metals and minerals remaining in the water. The resin has quite a long service life on each 'charge' and can be 're-charged' many times over. Since it deals with substances already occurring in water it is very environmentally friendly. It is quite technical for this website to explain further however a good source of information on the subject can be found at the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry.


Most of our cleaning applications do not call for the use of chemicals, however, certain tasks such as using traditional methods to clean internal windows do. We always use the best products available to the industry and always stick with environmentally conscious companies. Currently we are using Titan Laboratories products. Our main window cleaning product is Glass Gleam 4 and we use it for these reasons:

• raw materials are bio-based
• natural sourced fragrance
• highly concentrated to reduce packaging waste and transportation carbon release
• not tested on animals
• not a skin sensitiser
• kind to hands, neutral pH, approximates skin value of 7.4
• dilution is 1:500 or 0.2%
• contains no phosphates, ammonia or hazardous ingredients
• contains no heavy metals, alkylphenol ethozylates, ozone depleting compounds or carcinogens
• biodegradable

MSDS in PDF format for some of our products for those that need them.
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