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Brisbane Window Cleaning Services

My windows are filthy. What do I do?

Regardless the type and size, the first step is for us to meet you and create a quote specific to your property. Your quote will contain all aspects of the window cleaning service you requested and our Service Guidelines. The Service Guidelines outline the methods used to clean windows, tracks and screens as well as a few things we ask you to do prior to our arrival. You will also find details on our payment terms. On acceptance of our quote, we will find a time that is suitable to you for us to complete the job.

What happens when Big Red Window Cleaning arrives at my property?

Our friendly staff will introduce themselves before taking a quick look at your home to ensure they have all the necessary equipment to complete the job. The team will then get on with the job of making your windows sparkle. Any team members working inside will remove their shoes or wear shoe covers. An example of how the team would approach an average home might be as follows:

Remove and wash fly screens.
Brush and vacuum debris from sliding window/door tracks.
Wipe the frames and clean internal glass with strip washer, special solution and squeegee.
Wipe the window sills.
Clean external glass with pure water and soft bristle water fed brush.
Replace any screens that have been removed.
Final check to ensure your windows are sparkling.
Sign the work order as complete and notify our office.

How do I pay for the service when complete?

Usually an invoice will be issued sometime during the service so that you have it ready to pay on completion. You will notice your original quote has a discounted price. This price is only available if paying on the day of service. Our invoices have the business bank details and the email accompanying the invoice will have a link to pay by credit card. You can also request to pay by PayPal or good old fashioned cash.

How can I review the service once my windows have been cleaned?

We always love hearing from our customers, whether it is positive or something that can be improved on. Feel free to email us or Google Reviews is also a great way to let us and the rest of the world know what you think.

OR CALL US 0432 845 918

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Be sure to check out our FAQ section for more information about how we run our Brisbane window cleaning service business.

Brisbane Window Cleaning Services

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