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Frequently Asked Questions & Further Reading

  • How do I know what sort of windows I have?
    Check out our Information page for images and descriptions of some common window types. back to top
  • Do I need to worry about dirty water splashing about?
    Most definitely not. Inside your home or office our method involves a special solution sprayed directly to the glass. This way each window is cleaned with fresh solution instead of a bucket of dirty water. We will also put down towels / sheets where necessary to protect carpet / furniture from any possible drips.
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  • Are you going to drag dirt in to my home on your feet?
    No. We either remove our shoes or wear booties over shoes where necessary (particularly internal ladder work) to protect your floors from any potential mess.
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  • If you need a ladder inside my home will it damage the floor / walls?
    We take special care with floors. Every home may be different but we will still treat it like our own. We use a special non slip foam mat underneath our extension ladder. This protects the floor and stops the ladder from moving on any surface. Soft ladder mitts protect walls from any marking / damage.
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  • Will you clean broken / chipped windows?
    Usually not. We never know what might happen if we apply pressure to already compromised glass.
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  • I have a double hung window with non removable security screens covering them. Can you clean these?
    We can, however the end result will not be as good as normal. We will point this out to you as well when doing a quote.
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  • Are your products harmful?
    We wouldn't recommend drinking it but it is biodegradable and safe around babies and animals.
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  • Is there anything I need to do prior to the arrival of Big Red Window Cleaning?
    Although we can manage moving small items of furniture, we would prefer not to. We would also ask that you raise / draw blinds with cords. Blind fittings can become brittle with age and sometimes you may not even realise a blind is broken till you pull the cord.
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  • Tracks, screens & frames?
    We know some companies like to offer these services as 'included in the price' or promote 'free screen cleaning', however, we would prefer to list every aspect of the job as a separate item. Everyone is different and so are their windows. Not all tracks need cleaning and not everyone has screens. The questions below outline how we do what we do when it comes to tracks, screens and frames. back to top
  • Can you clean my tracks?
    Yes we can. If requested, they are brushed using a special long bristle brush to get deep in the track and vacuumed of heavy debris. Then at the time of cleaning the glass we spray inside the track to remove the remaining finer debris. We cannot guarantee they will look new but our customers are always impressed with the results. If track cleaning has been requested it will be listed as a separate item on your quote.

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  • What about the window frames?
    If requested, frames are wiped with a damp microfibre mitts and light plant based detergent solution. This removes surface dirt and mould spores, however will not remove heavy staining caused by mould or otherwise. If internal frame cleaning has been requested it will be listed on your quote.

    External frames can be washed prior to glass with our water fed pole. If you have old paintwork on timber frames however, there is a limit to how much scrubbing can be done as we do not want paint flakes everywhere.

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  • Does your cleaning method remove paint?
    We offer paint removal as a separate service, usually on new constructions or renovations. The methods used will be explained at this time. If this is a service you require, please ask us about it at the time of quoting. back to top
  • How does your pure water filter thingy work?
    We use a few different systems depending on the situation. Variables such as mains pressure, rain water only or access will determine what system we use on any particular site.

    Our aim is to reduce the source water to a reading of 000 TDS. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. It is these dissolved solids in the water that leave unsightly streaks on the glass when the water evaporates. So when we are cleaning your glass we want to add a solution to the glass and agitate the dirt into the solution. This goes for traditional mop / squeegee window cleaning too. After we have agitated the dirt into the solution we to get that off the glass. This is where the squeegee normally plays its role. But with pure water we simply rinse that dirty solution away.

    But how does it work ..? Ok, ok.. check out the WIKI back to top
  • Will you use my water supply?
    Generally we will need access to water, town or tank. Don't worry though, our van can carry up to 400L of purified water so is often ready to go. Even when using our pure water and water fed pole system our average usage per house is still a lot less than a shower or bath. back to top
  • How do I pay for a service from Big Red Window Cleaning?
    On completion of service please inspect the work carried out as we prefer you to be happy with everything prior to departure. Our quotes are final and there are NO hidden extras for going overtime. We will email your invoice to you on completion of the service so that you can easily make payment. Our invoice contains a link to pay by Credit Card or PayPal as well as bank details for Direct Deposit payments. Our staff can also carry a credit card terminal and can accept cash. Company cheques are accepted and personal cheques with prior approval. Electronic receipts are issued for all payments including cash.

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  • Where can I send a testimonial or review when I am over the moon with the services of Big Red Window Cleaning?
    Thank you, that's so nice to hear. You can always use our Testimonial Form or submit a review on any of the following sites. There are a lot to choose from but we thought we'd list a few in case you're already registered with one of them: TrueLocal / Google / Word Of Mouth Online

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